Rowan Kidsilk Haze

Rowan Kidsilk Haze


Kidsilk Haze is a beautiful and versatile yarn made from a blend of 70% super kid mohair and 30% silk. It can be used with a variety of needle sizes to create different effects and styles, and is particularly known for its suitability for lace work. It also works magic when used alongside other yarns, and is available in an array of stunning colors.

229 yards

Weight: 25 grams / Sport / 5-ply/ Fine (2)

Hand wash.

Recommended Needles: US 3-8

580 Grace - The faintest whisper of pink.

590 Pearl - A wash of warm taupe.

599 Wicked - Blackest black, the urbane basic.

605 Smoke - Deep grey.

608 Sweet - Coral pink.

609 Atlantic - Bright cerulean blue.

660 Turkish Plum - Deep true navy.

671 Peacock - True teal.


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