Sacred Geometry Iron-On Embroidery Pattern, Stitcharama

Sacred Geometry Iron-On Embroidery Pattern, Stitcharama


Stitch a connection to the Divine, to the Universe, to the sacred! These six meditative embroidery patterns are easy to stitch – just use the backstitch and follow the lines. Or, you can fill in the pattern with more advanced stitches and see where the Universe takes you!

Choose from: 

  • Iron-On Transfer: One sheet of iron-on transfers + instructions, tucked inside a keepsake envelope

  • PDF:  A PDF download of our Sacred Geometry embroidery pattern

About Stitcharama’s Iron On Embroidery Transfers:
Our professional iron-on embroidery transfers are: permanent on polyester and poly-blend fabrics; usually non-permanent on cotton fabrics; reusable up to a few times; and come complete with easy instructions.

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