Loome Friendship Bracelet Kit- Cheerio

Loome Friendship Bracelet Kit- Cheerio


 Embrace the universal expression of connection and sharing! Also, you can up your friendship bracelet/ring/choker game and make them with these beautiful fibers and cheery colors.

This kit makes at least 12 friendship bracelets with instructions for 4 different patterns.

What's in the Kit: 
1. " Big A" Loome Tool
2. 6 Wool Yarn Colors (Color Splash, Orange, Hot Pink, Peach, Pink, Yellow)
3. 22' Cotton Warp Yarn
4. 2 Plastic Yarn Needles
5. Friendship Bracelet Quick Guide + Additional Downloadable Step-by-Step and Videos

Materials: Bamboo, Yarn (Wool), Cotton

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