Indigo Dye Kit, French General

Indigo Dye Kit, French General


If you have fallen in love with indigo, like we have, you will love this easy to use indigo kit.  Everything is in the bag, including:

  • 2oz. pre-reduced indigo

  • 2 oz. of a reducing agent

  • a pair of gloves

  • rubber bands, wooden shapes, and buttons to create resists on fabric

  All you need is a 5-gallon bucket of water, a stirring stick or pole and your choice of natural fabrics to dye.  An instruction booklet is included which will walk you through the steps to make up an indigo vat, create resist patterns using shibori methods and how to dip dye your fabric.  Be sure to wear blue clothes when dyeing - as indigo will turn everything it touches a beautiful shade of blue!

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