Learning Lingerie w Amy Chapman

Friends, we are so excited to welcome Amy Chapman of Cloth Habit back to Craft South this September for another epic Bra Making Workshop! This sold-out class was a smash hit last year, with everyone completing their first (and sometimes, second!) handmade bra and leaving with loads of inspiration and ideas for the next dozen! We can't wait to have her back for another round, and we want to share this excitement with you! Even if you can't make the workshop, we encourage you to attend the Trunk Show & Talk - you might just be inspired enough to give it a go, anyway! ;)

CS: Hey Amy! We are so thrilled that you are coming back to teach another bra making workshop here at Craft South! Can you tell our readers a little more about the class and what to expect during the weekend?

AC: Yes! First I'd love to say that bra making isn't as hard as you think it is. But it's hard to fit on your own. In our workshop, I'll do an initial fitting and after you complete your first bra I'll do another, so that you leave with a customized pattern. You'll finish at least one bra and possibly two, and you'll not only learn the basics in underwired bra making but a few of my tips for lace  sewing.

One of my favorite parts of a class is pulling out my stash of lace and trims. I want you to leave inspired and full of ideas for your next bra projects.

Overall, definitely expect to bust your expectations of what you can do! I regularly have students leave classes with their bra on over their t-shirt because it always blows your mind a bit that you can make your own bras.

CS: How did you get started making bras? Do you have a favorite piece of lingerie that you have made?

AC: In the early 2000s I lived in Prague with my husband and on one particular shopping trip I encountered these gorgeous no-foam Italian lace bras. At the time these were common in Europe but not so much in the U.S. I thought to myself, I want to design bras like *that*. So  I started drawing bras, underwear, and even robes in  a sketchbook.  Mind you, I had never seen a bra pattern or even heard of people sewing their own!

After my first attempt at making a bra I started hacking the pattern with that pattern into new designs. I was totally addicted to playing with bra design, and eventually taught myself to draft from scratch.

My favorite design has to be my Valentine bra that I made for a date night. I dyed everything to match the lace and even made my own silk casing for the underwires. That seam style became the foundation of the Harriet, which we will make in class!

CS: What advice do you have for students who are interested in learning more about making lingerie but are worried that their skills aren't up to par?

AC: A few years back I used to hear the phrase "making bras sounds so scary" quite often. Some of that is just fear of the unknown, and a good class with fellow enthusiasts will boost your confidence in what you can do. Like any new skill, it just takes practice but you'll be surprised how quickly it catches on. (And did I mention making bras is kind of addictive? It's a thing!)

Speaking as someone who has over a dozen handmade bras in her lingerie drawer, I can absolutely agree with Amy! Friends, if you know how to operate a sewing machine and have successfully sewn at least 1-2 garments, you have the necessary skillset to take this class! Don't know how to sew yet? Start out with out Machine Sewing Intro class, then go from there! See you in September!