Sunshine-y Quilted Notions Bag


A Sunshine-y Quilted Notions Pouch

Pattern | The Quilted Notions Pouch by Retro Mama

FREE Sunshine Foundation Paper Piecing Template to complement the pattern!

Materials | Essex Linen Yarn Dyes in Flax, Cotton + Steel Little Friends in Pink, Cotton + Steel Sprinkle in Corduroy, Sarah Golden Dandelions in Carrot, Elizabeth Hartman Coral in Yarrow, plus various other scraps, zipper, scrap batting, Pearl Cotton Thread in Burnt Palette

The Quilted Notions Pouch by Retro Mama was a fun, easy make - perfect for a quick gift! The finish of the bag is really lovely with the completely bound raw edges and hand-sewn zipper. I personalized my bag by incorporating a quick paper-pieced sunshine that was the perfect match for this pouch, and even better, the template is FREE!

The Sunshine Paper Piecing Template fits the medium size of the Retro Mama Quilted Notions Pouch pattern, but could be used for other projects as well! For the sample above, I scaled both patterns up approximately 140% (which worked perfectly, but I find the finished bag to be a bit floppier than the original medium size).

The paper piecing template is set up in two pieces, the curved, outer "rainbow"-shaped piece and the half-circle "center" piece. You can cut the rainbow piece out as a whole, or you can paper piece the rays onto the "rainbow" template before putting the pieces together. I used shades of gold and peach, but a ROY G. BIV rainbow would look just a sweet. PS This template is a great scrap buster!

Seam allowance is included to sew the curved pieces together - I highly recommend that you try it! (Here's a great tutorial for sewing curves). This is a tight curve, so I like to pin both ends and the center - marking the center by folding each piece in half. You'll want your "center" piece to be on the bottom, and you'll ease the rainbow portion around as you sew!

But if you feel uncomfortable with curved piecing, appliqueing the center to the rainbow could work as well. To add it to my quilted notions pouch, I sewed the straight edge to the outside fabric I had cut from the pattern instructions (although I did account for the extra height the sun added and shortened that piece a couple inches). Since the pouch had a curved top, the sun fit right in with her bag template!

The Quilted Notions Pouch instructions were clear and concise with wonderful images, and the whole bag came together in a snap. I finished my bag with both machine and hand quilting for this perfectly handmade look (you can't work for Anna Maria and not pick up a couple tricks!)