Get Your Knit on This December w Andrea Mowry!

It’s almost here - Andrea Mowry Weekend at Craft South! We are thrilled to welcome this incredible knitwear designer for a fun weekend of getting our cozy on! Whether you are joining us for her Brioche Boss class, her Mosaic Knitting class, or just hanging out at her Trunk Show & Talk - we hope you are getting as amped as we are! Want to know more about this fun and fearless lady? Read on for a short Q&A with her!

CS: Tell us a little about yourself! When and how did you start knitting? What brought you to become a knitwear designer?

AM: I am one of the lucky ones that learned how to knit from my Grandma Ginny when I was about 9 years old! I came back to knitting when I was in my later teens, but at that time, there weren't as many patterns as readily available as there is now! (Pre-Ravelry days ;) Thankfully, I had my cherished Elizabeth Zimmerman books and she wrote in a way that was really empowering. The first socks I ever knit were a pair of self-drafted cable knee socks thanks to her guidance. I think these early days of playing around with own patterns definitely laid the groundwork for becoming a knitwear designer later in my life!

CS: What are your favorite things to knit? Is there a particular garment or technique that you are especially drawn to?

AM: I love to knit most things, but sweaters and shawls definitely dominate my needles. I wear them the most and love to play with new stitch patterns and construction techniques! My favorite technique to play with is brioche!

CS: Do you have a favorite yarn and/or tool that you love to work with?

AM: A favorite yarn is so hard! There are so many good ones out there, and it really depends on my mood and the season. I always say I am an equal - opportunist yarn user - I love them all! From woolly and natural to bright and speckled! As far tools go, my favorite needles are Chiagoo (metal) and Lykke (wood) and I always have them tucked in my Fringe Field bag with my favorite row counter (cocoknits!) 

CS: What are your other hobbies and interests outside of knitting (if any!)?

AM: Cooking! I was a pastry chef before I became a knitwear designer, and if I am not knitting, then I'm usually in the kitchen. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (Hashimoto's) which has meant a radical dietary change. But it's actually been really rejuvenating to be in my kitchen in a new way, learning to cook old favorite with new ingredients. I also love to sew, but am still in the beginner stages ;)

Andrea’s Brioche Boss & Mosaic Knitting classes are sold out, but we still have a few open seats in her Trunk Show & Talk on Friday, December 7th! Don’t miss this chance to meet Andrea (as well as other knitters), see a trunk show of her amazing work, and shop for yarn - all while enjoying drinks and snacks! Seating is extremely limited, we hope to see you there!