Celebrating 90 Years w Simplicity!


Friends, we are so thrilled to host Simplicity at Craft South next month in honor of their 90th Anniversary!

A long-standing game player in the home sewing pattern industry (founded in 1927!), Simplicity is known for their high quality sewing patterns and commitment to sewing education and support. Simplicity's attention to detail in creating fashion forward and classic looks, heavily constructed designs and instructions encourages satisfaction and success. 

Of course, Simplicity Creative Group isn't just for sewing patterns - they also manage Boye, home of the Boye Pom Pom and Tassel Maker - and also the curator of one of the prettiest + most inspirational fiber-related Instagram accounts we've ever seen.

Here at Craft South, we have long been fans of the company and are so excited to welcome them to Nashville for a celebratory event of sewing vintage-style clutches and natural wooden bead + tassel necklaces!

Below, we chatted a little with the marketing team of Simplicity, as well as Michele Muska, crafting and sewing enthusiast at Simplicity, and also the fabulous teacher during the big event!

CS: As Simplicity continues to grow and evolve - what sort of things can we expect to see more of in the future?

SIMPLICITY: Simplicity plans to expand our reach by connecting more makers, influencers and niche market partnerships within the industry. Connecting with consumers through event marketing engagements, consumer facing projectsand hands on workshops events.

CS: Do you have a preferred era for vintage patterns?

SIMPLICITY: There is so much to love from every decade - it is hard to a favorite as each decade brings its own unique style of fashion for various reasons. The ability to review Simplicity patterns with transitions of evolution through each decade is absolutely amazing. Simplicity is quick to support the newly inspired fashions or the decade. In certain decades such as the 20’s – 30’s during the Great Depression while other businesses suffer, Simplicity actually grows. The low priced patterns was the perfect answer to America’s clothing needs in the difficult economic times. Throughout the years and decades Simplicity pattern business continues to grow rapidly throughout the decade. Simplicity is quick to support the newly inspired fashions of the decade. Simplicity adapts to the fast moving trends with the market as the pattern designs starts to reflect television and trends in the workforce.  By the 1990’s to now the trends continue in craft and home furnishing expand exponentially. 

CS: In general - what is your favorite thing to make?
MICHELE: I love making all kinds of accessories: Purses, totes, jewelry and all crafts for yourself or your home! Anything that you can embellish with pom-poms, tassels and stitching is my favorite. Basically you can really make something unique, with one-of-a-kind with embellishments or stitchery. I find hand work especially relaxing and love sharing my craft with others.

CS: We are so excited about the 90th Anniversary Event at Craft South! Can you tell us a little more about the event and what it entails?
MICHELE: What better way to celebrate Simplicity's 90th than with learning how to read a pattern and make a little something for yourself or a gift.  Every Simplicity Pattern has so much educational information in the instructions which can really make the process so much easier and fun! The Boye brand has also been around for a long time and making pom-poms and tassels couldn't be easier with the Boye Pom and Tassel Maker.

We hope you are as excited as we are to welcome Simplicity to Craft South for a fun day of creating and learning! Be sure to sign up for the Vintage Clutch class as well as the Natural Wooden Bead + Linen Tassel Necklace - each class is under $20, includes all materials, and is suitable for all skill levels (beginners included!). We will have cupcakes, hors d'oeuvres, wine, snacks, and raffles throughout the day! This is a celebration you do NOT want to miss!