Making Faces with Melissa Averinos


Friends, are you familiar with the quilting mastermind Melissa Averinos? Melissa is an award-winning quilter who also happens to be an incredibly multi-talented artist - from painting, to doodling, to illustrating, to designing fabric, and yes, even quilting and making those fantastic faces - Melissa does it all, and she does it all with lots of color! Check out her blog and Instagram and just try to not smile :)

Below, we chatted a little with Melissa about her art and the inspiration behind her fun designs.

CS: You are certainly a woman of many talents! What artistic endeavors are you really digging right now?

MA: Right now I'm doing a lot of painted paper collage work for my art licensing agency. I love it this type of work because it has a bunch of stages. I start off just mindlessly playing on paper with markers or paints, exploring color, texture and pattern without worry.  Then I get to cut that up and combine the different prints and textures in fun ways to compose the images. It takes me way longer than painting the same things would take, but they have such a different look that it's totally worth it, even though I'm usually an instant gratification kind of gal!

CS: Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

MA: Where do I not get inspiration for my designs?! It feels like inspiration is just in the air and I have so many more ideas than I have time to execute them --- although I do try!

CS: What led you to start making those famous face quilts?

MA: It was a natural and inevitable result of my lifelong love of painting faces coupled with spending more time quilting! I love experimenting so I'm always thinking "What if I try this?"  I think of sewing as just another art medium, so the lack of preconceived ideas of what you can do with a quilt helps me to be free in my approach. I want to make a million face quilts!

CS: Do you have a favorite piece of art you've made?

MA: Oof. That's a tough one! I think My Brother's Jeans Quilt and Face #1 are tied at the moment.

CS: Unicorns or cats? Sorry, you gotta pick just one! :) 

MA: Cats riding unicorns? YOU CAN'T MAKE ME PICK