Your Color Block Scarf

It's been a while since I've picked up a knitting project and to get me going and inspired I wanted something really simple that I did not have to think too hard about.  However I wanted simple with loads of pretty colors of course!  I figured I could not be the only one who wants a project with those features, so we've created some beautiful Color Block Scarf Kits for you and me!

As an on again off again, self-taught knitter one of my favorite resources for make it up as I go projects is Wendy Bernard's Up Down All Around Stitch Dictionary- which is exactly that!  It is a photo dictionary of instructions & charts for loads of different stitch styles making them easy to translate into a scarf, as you are only creating one big rectangle.  The beauty of our kits is the beautiful palettes of 6 Manos Del Uruguay Maxima yarns, but the stitch style and color order is up to you, making it as basic or as complex as you fancy. This yarn is so soft and bouncy and perfect for a beginner knitter due to the stitch definition and wooly qualities.

A few notes about my warm palette scarf in progress....

*I'm using circular needles because I find it easiest to slide my work onto the cord when it is set aside, and less likely to slip off than with straight needles (however I am working flat and back and forth). 

*I used our Addi Natura in size #8 and they're 16" long which is perfect for my 110 stitch cast on

*I decided to go with a simple 2x2 ribbing.  The cast on will seem long, but the ribbing draws up and creates a really warm fabric.

*The sequence is just K2, P2 repeat to end, turn work and knit the knits and purl the purls.

*I knit every color until it's gone which could not be more straight-forward work!  It seems it will make a luxuriously warm scarf that is about 14x78" before blocking any which way.  I will likely not block this, because I'm really enjoying it as is.

This is a great project for a beginner, expert and everyone in between!


Happy Knitting!  I'll be sharing my progress on our Craft South Instagram :)

xxAnna Maria

Here's all the materials for you again:

 Color Block Scarf Kit

Up, Down, All Around Stitch Dictionary

 Addi Circular Needles size #8- 16"