Anna Joyce - to Dye for

We are so excited to welcome our talented friend Anna Joyce to Craft South next month for a wonderful weekend of exploring the art of natural dyeing with indigo! Anna is a natural dyer based out of Portland, Oregon, and the author of Stamp Stencil Paint. Her design process is intuitive, relaxed, and rooted in the belief that we can and should live with color and pattern every day.

Below, we chatted with Anna a little about the process and inspiration behind her beautiful designs.

CS: What first got you interested in exploring natural dyes?

AJ: I have been interested in hand dying for as long as I can remember, and when I first started dying with indigo something just clicked and I fell in love with the incredible color and the magical, unexpected patterns that emerged from the dye bath. I was instantly smitten and have not looked back since that first indigo bath. 

CS: How do you gather inspiration behind your design process?

AJ: The inspiration for my dye work comes from nature. When I am working on new colors or patterns I explore emotions first and then the colors that accompany them. I strive to capture the excitement of spring by recreating the color of pink dogwood blossoms, or the feeling of sitting on warm sand by the ocean.

The color and patterns that indigo makes mimics the ocean tides, and I am constantly inspired by the patterns that are created using water and dye as a medium.

CS: What is your favorite thing you've ever made?

AJ: I think that the West Wind quilt that I designed and then made with local quilter Nancy Stoval. This piece is one of the largest that I have ever worked on and when we photographed it by the ocean I was so happy with how the dye managed to capture the spirit of the water. 

Anna Joyce and Anna Maria Horner met in Palm Springs while doing a workshop together for Heather Ross and decided that their favorite classes to teach would make an amazing combo weekend of dyeing and stitching - so they are doing just that! Anna Joyce will be joining Anna Maria Horner at Craft South in August for an incredible and inspiring weekend of natural dyeing and then turning those pieces into the beginnings of a hand stitched whole cloth quilt.  Find out more about joining them here!