Multi-Tasker 2.0

Pattern: Multi-Tasker Tote by Anna Maria Horner, adapted by Brittney

Materials: I 1/4 yard for our panel + patch pocket, 2 yards for Lining & Straps, 1/2 yard for extra inner dividers, plus other notions mentioned below

Traveling with a baby can be an adventure, but the Multi-Tasker Tote and a few simple additions makes juggling it all a multi-tasker's dream. 

Anna Maria's Multi-Tasker Tote is a staple in my days - it's truly the perfect bag for any task on your list. I have used it as a diaper bag, sewing bag, carry-on, beach bag, weekender, oversized purse, and everything in between. So it's no surprise the Multi-Tasker was the answer to my latest desire: a bag that could carry my camera and typical baby necessities, replace my purse, and make it all convenient for airplane travel. 

I started with the Multi-Tasker Tote pattern and hacked it to suit my needs, including:

  • A large patched pocket on one exterior, perfect for easy access to plane tickets, toys and a book.
  • An inset zipper pocket on the opposite exterior to safely store my wallet and other small items.
  • Enlarged inside pocket to hold my iPad mini, plus two smaller pockets on the opposite interior wall.
  • Slightly wider straps, padded with cotton batting for comfort.
  • Magnetic closure to hold it all together.

I cut out all the pattern pieces as directed and added the pockets and magnetic closures before assembling the bag. It's so simple to adapt the pocket sizes to whatever you need to carry. Make them as deep or wide as you want, add a snap or a zipper, sew dividers to hold pens, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Along with additions to the bag, I added a separate insert to keep my camera safe. I used 1/2" foam to make a box with divider, which holds my camera and accessories. The insert is removable, so if I don't want to pack my camera, I can simply take it out or use it in another bag or purse.

My new bag worked perfectly on my recent trip with baby Liam. The padded straps were very comfortable, even when the bag was loaded up with all our things. I like that I can wear it over one shoulder or strap it across my body for ultimate hands-free toting. The linen fabric on the exterior gives the bag nice structure and the lions are fun for Liam and me. It held everything you see above, and more, with ease. Nine pockets mean there's a place for everything and it all stays organized and within reach. People always want to know the secret to traveling with a baby. My answer? An organized bag! 

How will you adapt your next Multi-Tasker Tote? 

:) Brittney

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