Into the Wild Quilt

Pattern: Into the Wild, designed by Brittney, details below.

Materials: Cotton + Steel Diorama Stack

This free pattern is inspired by the big cats and bright prints in the "Diorama" Cotton + Steel bundle!  I set out to design a pattern as bold as the fabrics themselves - perfect for your next safari (or just a backyard adventure).

Fat quarter bundles are a quick way to get a diverse mix of fabrics, and this one was calling my name! I had a few general goals when designing this quilt:

  • Use as much of the fat quarters as possible, with minimal waste.
  • Use only the fat quarter bundle for the quilt top.
  • Make the quilt a decent size (as in usable)
  • Focus on a simple block, so  that beginners can play along and experts can take a fun break :)

I am happy to report my goals all have check-marks next to them! And here are the details to for you: 

  1. Cut four 9" squares from all fabrics except the two tiger prints (fabrics I & L in photo above.) We will be using the 9" squares to make half square triangles. Because fat quarters are 18" X 21", please be careful when cutting - you may find you need to cut very scant 9" squares or even 8 7/8". As long as all your squares are the same size, you will be okay.
  2. Cut four 8.5" squares from each of the two tiger prints (fabrics I & L in photo above-total of 8 squares). These will remain whole squares. If you found you needed to cut slightly smaller squares in Step 1, you may also need to cut slightly smaller squares here too. In Step 7 we will make sure everything is even.
  3. Now we will pair up the 9" fabric squares from Step1 to create half square triangles. Follow along with the letter-labels shown in the upper-left photo above. Each pair will yield 2 half square triangle blocks.
    1. 2 pairs of Fabrics A & C
    2. 2 pairs of Fabrics A &H
    3. 4 pairs of Fabrics B & G
    4. 2 pairs of Fabrics C & J
    5. 2 pairs of Fabrics D & K
    6. 2 pairs of Fabrics D & E
    7. 2 pairs of Fabrics E & H
    8. 2 pairs of Fabrics F & K
    9. 2 pairs of Fabrics F & J
  4. To make half square triangles, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of one fabric in each pair. With right sides together, sew 1/4" away from middle line. Turn your square around and sew 1/4" on the opposite side of middle line. Repeat with all your fabric pairs. (If you are a visual learner, there are tons of great tutorials on YouTube.)
  5. Press to set the seams. Use a rotary cutter or scissors to carefully cut on your drawn middle line, creating two new blocks. Repeat with all your fabric pairs.
  6. Press the seam allowances toward the darker fabric, do this with all finished half square blocks.
  7. Square up your half square triangles and trim off all those dog ear corners. We are aiming for 8.5" squares here, but if they are slightly smaller, it's okay. Just make sure everything, including your tiger prints from Step 2, are all the same size and square.
  8. Time to sew them all together! Following the layout in the lower-left image above, sew your blocks one to the next using a 1/4" seam allowance and creating eight horizontal rows. Press seam allowances all in one direction on the first row, then opposite the following row, and continue alternating directions between rows.
  9. Sew your rows together using a 1/4" seam allowances to complete the quilt top. Press seams and revel in your victory.

Your finished top will measure approximately 48" X 64" - perfect for couch-snuggling or park-picnicking. The size of this quilt top also makes it easy to finish with a wide backing fabric. I chose a solid linen, which is 55" wide so there is no need for piecing! Two yards is plenty, and the linen will give it a nice weight.  Free Spirit Solid Voile is another great option at 55" wide, and would create a lighter quilt, perfect for summer or warmer climates. I used Pearl Cotton to finish the quilt with ties. I love the way the silver ties pick up on the sparkle in some of the fabrics and the binding.

I love that with just one fat quarter bundle and a few extra supplies, I was able to make a quick, fun, and gorgeous quilt. *Virtual high five* and now go get started on your own! 

:) Brittney