Appleton Rose

Pattern: Fields Aflutter by Anna Maria Horner

Materials: Rapunzel Wool Palette, 1 half yard of Blush Linen, John James Embroidery Needles, 12" Embroidery Hoop

I've found that nothing comforts the lingering winter blues quite like a wooly needleworks project. And perhaps a rosy subject that promises Spring is really here.

This little project in progress, has developed over nights spent by the fire. I had hoped to work on a crewel wool project that showcases the versatility of this old school craft. Crewel work is traditionally known for it's beautiful fill stitches such as satin stitches, herringbone stitches, short and long stitches, etc (you can read more about these techniques in Anna Maria's Needleworks Notebook), but I was more interested in a design that would be a simple introduction to crewel, which is also a simple introduction to embroidery in general. So far, this piece is made up entirely of back stitches and straight stitches, two of the most used motions in embroidery projects.  So if you know some embroidery basics, but want to venture into the world of crewel work, switching from floss to wool is the perfect first step.

I used the cabbage rose design iron transfer from Anna Maria's Fields Aflutter embroidery pattern. These patterns are great because they can easily be traced or ironed directly onto a surface. And then you can easily save your clipped design and use it for future projects. And if you need a quick refresher course on embroidery stitches (I know I do sometimes!) the inside sleeves are printed with a brief embroidery visual dictionary.

But let's get to the number one reason why I wanted to start this project: Crewel Palettes! Working in the Craft South Studio, these pretty little color curations have been staring me down for weeks. And although a girl can dream of future days with a full palette of Appleton to call my own, these little 12 piece sets are an easy and inspirational way to pick up a few colors that can cover a variety of projects. I haven't used a full skein of any one of the colors for this design, so I'm looking forward to lots of rosy wool in my future, after this project is complete.

I'm excited to watch this project grow and change, and hoping that it may encourage the weather to change for good too!
xoxo - Anna Michelle

-Rapunzel Wool Palette
-1 Half Yard Linen in Blush
-12" Wooden Embroidery Hoop
-Fields Aflutter Embroidery Pattern
-John James Embroidery Needles