Liberty Spoolish Quilt

Pattern: Spoolish by Denyse Schmidt

Materials: Liberty Spools Kit with Liberty Tawna Classics, Free Spirit Solid in Raven, and Anna Maria's Penmanship in Milk. 

There's just something about Liberty of London fabric, isn't there? I used to think I was immune to its charms, but that was before I sewed with it. And making this striking Spoolish quilt made me fall in love with Liberty all over again.

We decided that the best way to pick up on the moody blues and Springy reds in this Liberty bundle was to pair it with a very dark background- in this case, Free Spirit's Raven solid. The almost black shows, too, how versatile this pattern is, giving it a completely different feel than the classic white background. I love those popping prints in the larger triangles against the darkness.

This was my first time using one of Denyse Schmidt's patterns, and it was a great experience. I made the baby size, but it also includes instructions for twin, queen, and king sizes. The way the pattern is presented in a pretty booklet made me feel like I was being lovingly walked through the steps with an old sewing buddy. I will admit to using my seam ripper more than once, just because there are triangular corners to fiddle with. But honestly, it was pretty painless once I figured out the first couple rows.  Seems the longer I've been sewing, the more I use my beloved seam ripper, not the other way around. Is it higher standards? Quicker draw with the ripper? More humility in the making? I don't know exactly, but I do love that simple little tool. 

I am happiest in quilt making when every little design decision pays off along the way. Each step in this quilt brought that feeling of satisfaction. I mean, could any other backing fabric have been more fantastic than the bold black bows of Anna Maria's Penmanship print? (No, the answer you're looking for is no.) Then for the quilting, I just went with Denyse's classic loopity-loop free motion design and it turned out to be a lovely complement to all the corners and angles of the quilt top. And matching the binding to the background and border was yet another trick we stole from Denyse, but it's perfect for letting the Liberty really shine. 

I think my favorite thing about making a quilt with Liberty prints is that if this quilt is still around in 100 years, it won't look at all dated. It will only look classic and beautiful. 

Happy sewing!  -Jessica