Charley is in the Hood

Pattern: Baby in the Hood Jacket from Handmade Beginnings (Also available for bigger kids in the All Set Pattern Set)

Materials: Koala Koala by Charley Harper for Birch Fabrics Nurture Collection, Cracking Codes in Turtle, Anna Maria Knits

When I spotted the Charley Harper organic knits, I knew I had to make something for my little Liam.  With Spring on the brain, the Baby in the Hood Jacket is a perfect way to incorporate these cute koalas into his everyday wardrobe. 

The Baby in the Hood Jacket is one of the most satisfying projects in my opinion: it's a fairly quick sew, the instructions are very easy to follow, and the results are always so adorable. Between the book and the All Set Pattern Set, you can make jackets for everyone from baby to big kid. I've personally made them with just about every combination of fabric for every season - quilting cottons, voile, flannel, velveteen, and I've even seen people make it with laminated cotton for a rain jacket.

For this version, I decided the interlock knits are perfect for transitioning into spring. Growing up in Michigan, shopping for Spring jackets meant good times were right around the corner. The snow was melting, the flowers were blooming, and we could go outside to play without our noses falling off. Hope and positive thinking all wrapped up in a simple Spring jacket. Hopefully I made this one big enough for Liam to wear it through breezy Summer nights and even cooler Fall days! I love how washable and wrinkle-free this jacket will be, and the weight is just enough to keep out the wind but still super soft and comfy for a baby on the move.

The pattern worked well with the knits without any alterations. As always, pre-wash your fabric before sewing; the knits especially have a good bit of shrinkage, which you may want to consider when purchasing yardage. I used a ball point needle in my machine and slowed down my stitching. The knits can get a little bulky at some of the seams, so take your time. Anna Maria blogged about sewing with knits and there are tons of other tutorials and tips out there if this is your first foray into knits.

Now if we can just make the sky stop dropping white stuff and encourage the grass to start growing green again, we can all get out and play in our new spring jackets!