Catskills Fox Print by Heather Ross

Catskills Fox Print by Heather Ross


Fox Print, 17" by 22", heavy velvet fine art paper (archival), signed, limited edition

This series of large format prints is based on my drawings of the wildlife around my home in the Catskill's. Each will depict it's subject at it's actual scale. This project has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, and I hope someday to line both walls in my upstairs hall with nothing but these portraits, from the teeniest framed image of a cricket or ladybug to the field mice who jump around in the tall grass at the edge of my yard to the largest, most lumbering black bear. 

The first of the series is a Fox. These are printed on very thick, creamy Epson Velvet Paper, which has a soft surface and gives colors a bight, saturated glow. It looks beautiful in a frame or without.

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