Kid Craft: Felting

Kid Craft: Felting (May)

Thursday May 18th 4:30-6:30p

Say hello to our newest kid's classes - Kid Craft! Unlike our regular classes, these are *just* for the kiddo's! Each month will focus on different sewing + fiber-related techniques, which will give your kid a chance to learn, grow, and really stretch those creative muscles!

In Kid Craft: Felting, kids will learn how wool changes through a process called felting through the informational part of this class, then get hands-on experience with this fun fabric when they customize their very own coasters with embellishments, stencils, and hand sewing. We won't be felting in class, but instructions will be provided so they can try felting at home.

Kid Craft: Felting is appropriate for ages 6+. The class fee includes all materials. While we provide help, supervision, and a project direction, students are encouraged to be creative and take their own crafting avenues.

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