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September Afternoon Sewcial
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Every Wednesday from 4:30-6:30pm we invite kids (4th grade or 8+ in age with some sewing experience ) for an afternoon of crafting in our studio.  While we provide help, supervision, and a project direction, students are encouraged to be creative and take their own crafting avenues.  Various techniques for sewing, quilting, crafting and art will be presented.  Price includes use of studio and supervision, and some materials.  Occasionally we will present a project that would require an additional materials fee- but students are also welcome to use their own materials.  We will notify you in advance if a project will require materials and our additional kit price.

There is no penalty if you have paid for class and cannot make it, you can simply use your paid pass for your next available Wednesday!  This also means that you can purchase several passes in advance and we will take role, and check off attendance to keep track.

Please note you can sign-up for more than one class at a time by using the Quantity drop-down below.  After adding total number of desired classes to cart, you will be able to fill in participant (up to 4) information and desired dates in the sign-up form that follows.  

EX.) If you would like to buy one class for one student please select 1 Quantity

EX.) If you would like to buy two classes for two students, please select 4 Quantity, etc.

Please send any questions to or call the shop @615-928-8766

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